We provide interpreting of business conferences and meetings as well as interpreting for the mass media and communications companies. We specialize in Japanese and Czech language in combinations with English, Polish and Hungarian.

We observe your requirements and pursue your interests. The exact interpreting will enable swift and efficient communication with your trade partners.

Our interpreting will facilitate the presentations of your products and services to overseas customers. We will open doors for you to Japanese customers based in Europe.

We provide interpreting via telephone and television conferences with your international business partners as well as your plants and branch offices abroad. Regardless of how remote the locations are, you will be able to talk to your customers and discuss issues with them while saving your time and expenses.



    We provide highly professional translations.These comprise translations of  all types of texts from Japanese to Czech, English, German, Polish, Hungarian and other languages. We can meet a wide variety of Customers´requirements.

Our services include translations of trade register records, powers of attorney, birth certificates, marriage certificates and other official documents of all types. On request we also arrange the legalization and stamping of these documents.

We translate all types of contracts such as purchase contracts, rental contracts, work contracts etc. We also translate business letters and any other business related documents. We have had a long term experience in this field and you can truly rely on us.

We can prepare technical drawings, manuals, books, publications, leaflets and brochures, calendars and presentations in a wide range of formats, in accordance with your requirements.


Guiding in the Central Europe

With profound experience lasting over a decade we can provide you guiding service in the Czech Republic and other countries in Japanese and a wide range of other foreign laguages. We know the Japanese clients and their needs very well and we can offer the highest level of service unrivalled by the domestically available services in Japan.

Guiding in Japan

On multiple occassions we have provided guiding to Czech and Slovak clients travelling to Japan.On request we provide accomodation in Japan, air, train and boat tickets, car rentals and other services. We can arrange the excursions of Japanese industrial companies, reasearch institutes and other institutions on Japan.

Assistance services

Japanese speakers provide assistance on various occasions. VIP airport transfers, state visits, inspection of industrial plants and business trip assistance are just some of the possibilities, which you have with us.


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